WHOOOSSHH! wala ng Ganyan ngayon noh!

Girl:- baby please I want to fix my hair I want you to give me some money to do that.
(The guy goes into his draw, takes out PhP10,000 gives it to her and say)

Boy:- baby take this PhP10,000 I know its small, but please manage it.

(The girls collects the money counts it, and it is 10,000 pesos as
the boy said.

She removes PhP1,500. gives the remaining PhP8500 back to the boy and say)

Girl:- baby PhP1500 will be ok for me. So take back this PhP8500 use it for something good, you don't have to start spending too much on me now. When we get married, you can think of doing that....
Does this kind of girls exist Today?
If yes, where can we find one???

WHOOOSSHH! wala ng Ganyan ngayon noh!
lalo na pag city girl! ha ha ha!