HIP HOP Girls!

The more rebelious a person is, the more they like intense and Hiphop  music (such as fast and heavy Hiphop), but prefer upbeat and conventional music, like RNB , sound tracks, and pop music.Additionally, neuroticism is positively correlated with emotional use of  Hip HOP music.

Those who scored high in neuroticism were more likely to report use of music for emotional regulation and experience higher intensity of emotional affect, especially negative emotion.

Age is a strong factor in determining HIPHOP  music preference. Nostalgia is the most important feeling that affects  HipHOP music preference here. Music producing nostalgia effects has been shown to have large predictive effects on people of all ages.In a study of adolescent preferences of music in England, researchers found that girls regarded music as a worthwhile activity more than boys, but both boys and girls agreed that it does not need to be taught in schools